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API Houston Contributions


During the past 33 years, the Houston Chapter of the API has contributed $2.897 million USD to educational (94%) and charitable/civic (6%) activities. Cumulative contributions since 1985 to endowed scholarship programs at 5 public universities in the State of Texas offering Petroleum Engineering degrees ($363K each) total $1.815K USD. Contributions to Louisiana State University’s Craft and Hawkins Department of Petroleum Engineering non endowed scholarship program since 1998 for students enrolled in Petroleum Engineering total $126K USD. Contributions made to benefit middle school and high school students through the Science Engineering Fair of Houston since 1985 and H.I.S.D.’s High School for Engineering Professions since 1998 total $363K USD.

During that same period, the Chapter contributed $364K USD for educational activities for elementary level students and the general public through the Weiss Energy Hall at Houston’s Museum of Natural Science and the Offshore Energy Center’s “Ocean Star” offshore drilling rig museum in Galveston, Texas. An additional $56K USD was contributed to seminars for secondary level education teachers conducted by the Denver Earth Science Project of the Colorado School of Mines, and by NEED, the National Energy Education Development project.

The chapter has donated $24K USD to MD Anderson Cancer Center for Mesothelioma Cancer Research in memory of Aileen M. Dillon and Lee M. Bourg. The chapter is committed to donating annually to this fund for cancer research.

We appreciate our members' and sponsors' continued support in making these contributions possible year after year.

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